About Stencil Tech

At Stencil-Tech Concrete, we manufacture the highest quality decorative concrete products in Europe, and supply up to 52 countries. For more than 25 years, architects, contractors and designers have chosen our products over any other competitors.

We have on offer a wide range of materials including: Universal Sealer, Surface Colour Hardener, Stencils, Tools & Accessories and now have the largest selection of Imprinted Mats in Europe. Your only limitation is your imagination. With Stencil-Tech Concrete, the potential for concrete design is limitless. We offer hundreds of Stencil and Imprinted patterns, and have a large selection of colours to compliment every project- Commercial or domestic.

From start to finish of the design , manufacture and final product, our attention to detail and quality engineering guarantee a creative and cost effective solution for every new venture. Our helpful in house staff offers customers a first class, professional service, working closely with you to assist and guide you to building a successful business.

As the leaders in decorative concrete technology, over the years we have accumulated a large array of knowledge and high status within the industry. This has earned us the right to proclaim our facility as a Government recognized C.I.T.B training facility. We offer several convenient and effective courses- directed by our experienced C.I.T.B trainers.

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