What is Anti-Skid Safety Paving?

Stencil-Tech’s Anti-Skid Safety Paving is a revolutionary product in the commercial industry, which allows you to resurface existing or new Ashfelt/Concrete with a highly durable Anti-Skid finish.

Our quick and easy to apply Anti-Skid Safety Paving is designed to imitate granite blocks and paving at a fraction of the cost.


This cost effective solution covers most surfaces, reduces stopping distances and is aesthetically pleasing with a range of colours and designs to suit any project even logos etc, making it ideal for:

  • Cycle Paths
  • promenades
  • Road/Highways
  • Roundabouts
  • Public Areas

What Do I need?

The Adhesive property of our Anti-Skid Concrete stencils means that patterns and finishes can be applied to a surface with ease.

The surface is then sprayed with our durable Colour Surface Hardener and then covered with a polymer modified compound with a granite surface, this ensures a long lasting and strong product that will increase the stopping distance for traffic, therefore making it the ideal option for all commercial projects.

Technical Data Test Report: CERAM Building Technology

Test Methods:

Abrasion Resistance

The test was carried out in accordance with BS6717:2001:Precast. Un-reinforced concrete paving blocks. Requirement and test methods, annex F (normative) Method for measuring abrasion resistance.

Each sample was tested on a single face only, with the abrasion carried out in two directions at 90 degrees angle to each other.

Skid resistance & Polished Pendulum Values

This test was carried out in accordance with BS6717: 2001: Annex G (Normative) Method for determining the slip/skid resistance value.

Each sample was tested in both directions longitudinally on the same wearing surfaces.

Resistance to Freeze/Thaw

The test was carried out to a method for based on the standard specification for a cyclic freezing test, reference BCRL BM2: 1993.

This test was developed by CERAM, and is now going forward for inclusion as the single frost test methods in prEN1344: 1996.


Abrasion Resistance

The samples passed the requirements for Class A2, and can therefore be used where vehicular traffic exceeds 1.5 MSA.

Skid Resistance & Polished Pendulum Values

The slip/skid resistance value of the samples tested was 57, which can be assigned class S3, suitable for use in vehicular areas.

Resistance to Freeze/Thaw

The test conditions represent the most severe conditions to which pavers are likely to be subjected in practical situations. Experience to date has shown that pavers that are known to be durable in practice will withstand 100 cycles of this test without frost damage.

After 100 cycles panel tested showed no signs of damage. Therefore the panel passed these requirements.

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