Finally a weed-free system that works!

A rejuvenation formulation that re-colours, seals and welds block paving together.

Protecting your Block Paving in 3 Simple Steps

STEP 1. Pressure wash the area clean, removing the old sand from the joints and any grease stains and algae growth. Surfaces should be completely dry and free from contamination before the sealer is applied.
STEP 2. Empty the contents of one bag of Crytaline beads on to the treatable area and carefully sweep between the blocks, ensuring that all the grout joints are filled to the brim
STEP 3.  Apply LUSTRESEAL (clear or coloured) evenly over the surface in a straight line. Proceed to spread the sealer using a soft coconut fibre broom making sure all the grout joints are covered.

LUSTRESEAL colour range of pigment dyes.

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