What is Stencil Pattern Concrete?

Stencil Patterned Concrete is the new and innovative force in decorative concrete. Stencil Concrete is a high strength, durable decorative concrete surface, that gives the desirable effect of grouted paving, natural stone, slate, marble and much more.

The beauty of the Stencil finish is it’s exceptionally non-slip surface, making it a number one choice for pedestrian walkways, driveways, patios, pool decks and many more residential and commercial areas. Its non-slip quality means it is a prime option for the elderly.

Similar to Imprinted Concrete, Stencil Concrete is also extremely low maintenance in comparison to block paving, tarmac and other systems.

What Do I Need?


Our Decorative Concrete Stencils come in a wide range of patterns to suit all customers demands and needs. They are designed to be a non-reusable and highly water repellent product which will resist any joint expansion. We also offer a vast selection of borders and rosettes to give your customers that little extra touch.

All Stencils are packaged in a waterproof bag and are sealed in an airtight cylinder to guarantee a long shelf life.

Colour Hardener

Our Colour Surface Hardener comes highly recommended and respected in the stencil concrete industry.

Stencil-Tech Colour Hardener comes in 22 vibrant colours and is a ready to use, powdered dry shake hardener used to add colour in to the surface of freshly layed concrete. It’s maximum concrete and pigment content produces a hard, long wearing and abrasion-resistant surface.

Specialist blends of Quartz and Iron Stone means our product complies to all CERAM and British standard certifications; This means that our Colour is able to take 1.5 million passes with a car.

Our Colour Hardener provides more coverage with less product than competing colours, helping you get the most out of your money. Our Colour is packaged in long-life plastic weatherproof bags that can be stored for long periods of time even in damp conditions.

Textures and Finishes

There a number of finishes available with the stencil system:

  • Textured
  • Grip
  • Knockdown
  • Broom
  • Spray
  • Swirl
  • Smooth

All finishes are simple to achieve using our specialist trowels and texture skins. All finishing methods are demonstrated on our Stencil-Tech Training Courses.


Stencil-Tech Universal Sealer is the ideal product for sealing and protecting your stencil concrete surface. Our Universal Sealer is a sacrificial coating that protects against salt,weathering,  UV rays and oil stains. Applying our resin sealer every 2-4 years means that your stencil surface fully protected and virtually maintenance free.

How to Fix a Problem

A great advantage to Stencil Concrete is the ability to repair areas damaged by weather, such as rain,frost and any other type of damage that can occur during the installation process. Simply using basic tools,with our spray on system, no problem is too big to correct. Please view our Spray-On page to view more on the process.

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