Decorative Concrete Training Courses

Stencil-Tech Ltd is a fully registered CITB training centre with over 30 years experience in training, manufacture and supply.
We have credited trainers and assessors all of which are certified with CITB qualifications to help you learn and kick start a new business venture or help you develop on new skills or improve on existing ones.

Everything you need to know!


  • Beginners/intermediate and advanced training courses for Stencil and Imprinted concrete.
  • Extensive practical and classroom training.
  • A Stencil-Tech certification for decorative concrete wet cast AND Overlay/Spray on system.
  • A wide range of tools, stencils, sealers and colour hardener manufactured on site.
  • Business opportunity to start your own Stencil-Tech Ltd franchise
  • Our Stencil-Tech training course is the only course in the UK offering both training for Stencil/Imprinted system installation, as well as training for Spray on/Overlay.

Day 1:

Wet-Cast Stencil/ Imprinted Concrete

  • Ground Works & Preparation
  • Setting Out
  • Quantifying Materials
  • Ordering the Concrete & Mix Designs
  • Masking & Protecting
  • Laying Concrete
  • Applying the Stencil/Imprinted mats
  • Using Colour Surface Hardener
  • Removing Stencil & Clean up
  • Removing Form Work, Cutting Control joints & Power Washing
  • Sealer
  • Troubleshooting

Day 2:

Spray On/Overlay

  • Preparation
  • Application of Primer/Bonding Agent
  • Application of Base Coat
  • Masking & Protecting
  • Applying the Stencil
  • Spraying Colour Top Coat
  • Removing Stencil & Cleaning
  • Sealer
  • Troubleshooting

We also offer…

As well as the practical sessions we will also provide an insight to the Sales, Costing and Marketing advice you will need to ensure that you have all the necessary information to start off your business.

Our practical and theory sessions will take you from the beginning of the Stencil/Imprinting process to the final end product giving you the confidence to go on and use your skills, as your own boss in the decorative concrete industry.

Refreshments and lunch will also be provided over the course.

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Our courses are £250 + VAT for both days and are held on the last Friday and Saturday of every month.

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